22 October 2011

Not for the squeamish

I've been staring at this picture for some time now. How strange it is. This is the back end of Kenilworth Road, home of Luton Town Football Club, where visiting supporters apparently have to walk through someones living room to get to the terraces.

It has filled me with melancholy that lots of people live on that street and indeed in Luton. What sort of quality of life can one realistically expect living in the houses adjacent to the entrances to the Oak Stand?

I mean I know Luton don't get big crowds and even less people show up to support the away side, but still, how does anyone in any of those houses summon up the motivation to even go to the toilet when they need a shit?

If it was me I'd sit there in the living room and not move until I'd shit myself to death as it would be all I deserved.


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