9 October 2011

Day 2

Yesterday's analogous stab in the dark at completing the bag of sand challenge missed it's target barely leaving a flesh wound. Today's attempt will be less drunken Glaswegian in an alleyway and more Dexter in his kill room.

Erm.. but actually also a bit more angry Glaswegian under the influence of Iron-Bru and Evo-stik as I got bored and started just clicking on bets.

Hours of research carried out by other people yesterday while I sat on my sofa and watched Buck Rogers have produced what I feel will be a winning 'Canadian' American football wager.

I will combine this with a Mexican, English and Scottish 'Yankee' football wager and finally a Mexican and Scottish double.

By the end of the day I fully expect to have completed the challenge and have no idea what country I'm in. But it won't matter because my thoughts will be dominated by therapeutic genital massage treatments and the like.

So then, today's money printing wagers are:

Mercan football Canadian selections: Pittsburgh (-3), Cincinnati (-1), Carolina (+6.5), Vikings (-3), Chiefs (+2).

Mexican, English and Scottish Yankee: Club America win (11/10), Notts County v Hartlepool draw (13/5), Hayes and Yeading v Wrexham draw (13/5), Hamilton v Livingston draw (12/5)

Mexican, Scottish double: Falkirk win (2/3), Club America win (11/10)

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