21 October 2011

Iraq 2: This time it's personal, like the last time.

I haven't seen any of the coverage of this Gaddafi slaughtering, but I can tell you this for nothing, this won't be a good thing. Let's assume it is him even though he looks like Gene Simmons from Kiss in all this gruesome pictures.

Did we not learn from the Iraq debacle that when you take a country off a dictator and kill him, the place usually descends into utter chaos? Why are our politicians incapable of learning history's harsh lessons?

Usually it's because they don't give a shit about history's harsh lessons and are trying to either kill someone for personal reasons or cover their own backsides for stuff they or their Government did in the past.

I suspect on this occasion they were keen for the real truth about the Lockerbie bombing to remain hidden. As hidden as it can be given that anyone with access to Google ought to know by now that Libya had about as much to do with that attack as Gary Neville did in any of Manchester United's Championship successes.

Gaddafi was the only one really capable of spilling the beans. So with him out the way now the truth can remain hidden from people who only know what they read in the newspapers.

It was of course a Syrian and Iranian effort. Syria were then needed in the first Gulf war as an ally to defeat Iraq so they decided to blame Libya instead. It's a great world we live in Governed by really really nice people.

Let's turn Libya over to these people.
I see no flaw in that plan.

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