8 October 2011

The bag of sand challenge

I was very disappointed yesterday. All we needed for a very healthy £750 payout was for Croatia to score a single goal against a Greek side I think I might have been able to score against even in my current condition and not even being Croatian.

England had obliged my 3.5 overs selection by allowing Montenegro - a country with a population half the size of Birmingham - to score twice. The Turks and the Square heads had scored over 2.5 goals between them, Italy and Serbia had also both scored.

Greece had scored twice. All I needed was Croatia, a decent side, to put the ball in the onion bag just once. Greece as far as I'm aware play in curly football boats, how hard could it have been!? Damn Croatia. Damn them. I was always on their side during the war. I sent their orphans my old Arsenal shirts. Never again.

I will not dwell on this disappointing near miss. My wagers still returned £195. The challenge this weekend will be to turn this into £1000. If successful I will invest these monies in some eastern alternative massage treatment for my lower back and genitals.

This afternoon I have invested £50 in various doubles and trebles of the following four selections - I suggest you do not do the same - Wins for Sheffield Wednesday 4/6 and Oxford 4/6 and unusually in the horsey races; Bapak Chinta and Lundy Sky both priced at 5s.

In fact these selections alone would return 1.2 bags of sand and I would then have the luxury of spending the rest of the weekend eating pop tarts. I suspect however, it will not be so simple. It is never so simple.

Good luck with all your bets.

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