6 October 2011

Harsh but fair?

Under the category 'harsh but fair" I'd like to propose the beating of people half to death who use the term 'getting on the computer' when they're about use t'internet.

It's usually fat American woman I think who need to buy some gaudy accessory for their cat. 'Do you like Mr Tomkins' new jacket? I thought he needed a new jacket so I got on the computer and it was like here in 24 hours!'

Computers in these peoples' world exist only for t'internet access. Therefore these are exactly the kind people who should not be allowed to own computrons.

They waste hundreds of hours of their grown up children's lives at weekends dragging them away from their families to update their anti-virus software or fix a tediously simple problem.

I just think everything would be easier if these people were left bloodied and fighting for life in a ditch somewhere. Somewhere cold, dark and far far away from www.KittyKlothes.com.

Anyway, now I've got that off my chest...how is everyone?

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