7 October 2011

The horror!

Be careful with this site: http://bullseyecontestants.tumblr.com/ it's left me feeling nostalgic but has also resurrected disturbing memories from my childhood I would have preferred to have remained in the shadows of my subconscious. I've marked your card.

I actually do remember when old ladies looked exactly like this. I think they all did at that time. It's actually a miracle anyone who was brought up in the 70s and 80s can even talk. The horror!

This is beautiful and profoundly disturbing. The choking hairspray fumes even now are overpowering. Dude number 1 is wearing his best stuff, yet flanked by his parents on the left and his nan on the right his cool get up and perm are negated. Person number 2 is either asleep or incredibly well medicated. This couple (3) are awesome and they know it, but still...the horror!

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