11 October 2011

The Fox

An easier way of losing money, yesterday.

Now then. I finally squirreled away enough energy via vitamin B and cake to head over to the storied Windrush Valley Pokering Club to lose a sizable chunk of my failed yet decent attempt this past weekend at the Bag of Sand challenge.

It was exactly the same as I left it about a year ago. I think some of the players haven't been home in fact. There were a few new guys all called Richard, which made things easier.

Ultimately unsuccessful from a making money point of view where I was able to lose £120 in the re-buy period of the £20 re-buy tournament and a swift £100 - I think in two hands - in the PLO cash game, but it was actually a very enjoyable night.

There's very few places on Gah's clean Earth I could lose £220 and feel like I had a good time. Certainly not the Glitter Gulch. But our poker club serves as a panacea for all the feelings of insecurity and patheticness that creep into my head and for the over-protectiveness I am sometimes subjected too...which is of course appreciated but sometimes a wee bit stifling.

I'm still hung up about sporting nasal cannula in public but this of course matters not in the WVPC. There is no discrimination at our poker club. There is not prejudice on grounds of race, gender, age or physical spasticity.

This is no sympathy of condescension. There are only gamblers. And everyone can be a c**t regardless of personal circumstances if the cards fall in their favour. This is a very healthy environment to invest ones time if not ones money. I think I'll go back.

* * *

In other news, Mexico play Brazil tonight at the Estadio Corona. I know it's Brazil, but Mexico at home even if it's not played at the Azteca is usually a good bet and at 21/10 I might just have to have a few shillings on this.

The new Brazil team looks pretty average to me. They just played last Friday too managing to just beat Costa Rica 1-0. And while they're not playing in Mexico city I can't see them feeling too comfortable in TorreĆ³n. It should be a pretty partisan noisy crowd and as friendlies go it should be quite competitive.

Mexico at odds against in Mexico with a full squad with Chepo in charge - who is yet to lose - in my opinion is worth a small investment. Vamos Mexico! That's what I always say.

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