9 October 2011

Bag of sand challenge

Well now after a loss yesterday of £40 leaving us only £150 to turn into one bag of your Earth sand we again took another small £11 loss this afternoon with a rather silly £1 Yankee:

However, we have made splendid progress since with a stupendous result with our 26 bet Canadian coming in as well as a supplementary 5 fold acca with the same selections that I don't even remember placing!

This of course must have been placed during the period where I was bored and just began clicking on wagers.

We now have £690 safely secured with a £77.76 double outstanding which will return £272.16.

This leaves us about £40 short of our goal. I will therefore place a final wager to cover this bullseye and hope Club merca can do the business tonight. Kick off 11:30pm. From such a poor beginning how exciting it's all become.

I'm supposed to making my Ali like return to the ring at the Fox tomorrow if I can be persuaded to put some coordinated evening wear on. I just have enough to see flop in the PLO cash game.

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