20 July 2011

What's that man's name James?

"Is it a crime to want nice things and then to steal them from the public"

The one saving grace about leftie sandal wearing hummus eating communists is that they are so fundamentally incompetent and consequently every one of their grandiose schemes is doomed to failure from the outset and the grander the plan the more humiliating the failure.

The Soviet Union, for example, really had the capitalist west on the run for a while, but because their ideology was so monumentally stupid it ended in failure with the Berlin wall being hauled down and the humiliation of a string of rock ballads sung by David Hasselhoff.

The recent leftie witch hunt of Rupert Murdoch descended into farce also yesterday as weeks of coordinated smearing from the BBC and the Guardian which had seen the News of the World shuttered and Rupert Murdoch's bid for the remaining shares of BSkyB postponed, was forgotten in an instant when a middle aged, sandal wearing, virgin with an appalling comb over saw fit to launch a unilateral strike against Murdoch senior.

He may have thought his Tiswas style flan flinging hit on octogenarian Murdoch was a fitting and commensurate protest at the seriousness of this entire scandal; people in the sane world however wondered what the fuck the scruffy cunt was playing at and immediately felt a bit sorry for Murdoch.

It wasn't even a successful strike as Murdoch's wife stepped in to give the protester, who has yet to see a grown woman naked, a sound pasting while the police stood at the back preparing a risk assessment.

As this witch hunt descends into farce and in-fighting, the attention of the nation might finally turn to the real news of the continuing violent collapse of the Euro-zone - typical of the manner all of these Heath Robinson projects of social-economic engineering eventually conclude.

There is of course no consolation unfortunately in watching the hopes and dreams of a handful of greedy, sexually deviant, square head and frog politicians who were the architects of the European project go up in smoke.

These hair brained schemes, like communism and China's great leap forward, tend to take millions of lives with them when they eventual collapse under the shear weight of what a bollocks idea there were in the first place. And that means us. We're doomed.

It's just a matter of time before bread costs £250,000 a loaf and then it's beans and cricket gloves and American football pad outfits for us all people. Good luck everyone.

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