11 July 2011

Ciao Italy

Italy on the brink of financial ruin in part because most
Italian adult males spend their time scooting about on Vespas
shouting 'ciao' at women instead of working and paying taxes

As we speak Italy's economy and ability to govern itself is disappearing faster than my chips in the first three or four hands of a typical Pigeons poker game. Meanwhile the media in this country prefers to ignore this and continues to squabble with itself about power under the guise of matters of ethics and scruples.

The twenty or thirty sandal wearing Guardian readers who still buy the paper remain upright atop their high horses mistaken in their belief that this whole "hacking" broo-haha is about protecting the privacy of the average hummus eater on the street and the moral standards of journalism (a contradiction in terms no?) and not stopping Rupert Murdoch from holding the lefty sandal wearing media consensus to account with right leaning TV news channel.

I do not understand the tangled web of banking miscegenations that have caused us all to teeter on the brink of an economic abyss that will see us all living in ruinous villages dressed in rags and cricket gloves and American football shoulder pads like in Mad Max. A world where petrol is worth more than gold and little children are eaten when there's nothing else in.

What I do know is, that we're doomed. From reading Tim Hardford's book "Adapt" I was able to appreciate that we're fucked. The problem here is how closely the world's banks are coupled together like train carriages.

When one goes off the rails they all do, because the links between them are not loose enough or far apart enough for the other carriages to uncouple themselves in time before they're carried off into a ditch too and everyone is riding on this train.

If Italy goes the way of Greece, which is now inevitable, then the moment when we all have to contemplate eating each other to stay alive, like that Argentine rugby team who crashed in the Andes had to do, looms ever larger.

According to an old man dressed like a wizard who was shouting incoherently at people in the street a few nights ago near my house, the only thing that can prevent a European and subsequent global financial meltdown because of a tiny bunch of greedy bastard EU obsessed politicians, is another war. It's like wiping everything clear and starting again.

We've been warning against this on the blog for some time now but as each European nation folds in on itself and war becomes an increasingly obvious inevitability, out media buries its head deeper and deeper in the sand preferring instead to focus on nasty old Rupert Murdoch and the crusade to prevent him owning 100% of a company he already really owns anyway.

It's every man for himself people. I suggest you all stock up on beans, water, boards games and cricket gloves. You're going to need them. Good luck everyone.

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