9 July 2011

Be careful what you wish for

I'm glad it's Saturday. I've become exhausted from waving my fist at leftie sandal wearing hummus eaters all week. There's less high-horse crusading at the weekends from them. They're all out with their children - who have names like Xenon and Chaos - on grassy hills playing the guitar and harnessing love.

These people have had my dander up for almost the whole week. They're worse I think than religious types with their intolerance of non-sandal wearing love harnesssers (i.e normal people).

To be so insecure in your ideologies, or beliefs that you would prefer to shut down or even kill the opposing voices than engage in a grown up constructive debate is a depressing and rather scary state of affairs.

Lefty types can't seriously believe that a free and democratic society could exist where the only mainstream media available was simply a synchronous deferential mouthpiece for the Government. No one surely is that pig ignorant?

You can't have the freedoms and the liberties these people claim to be seeking where there is no opposition to the megalomaniac, self-serving, Eton educated blood spillers in power. This is what we call totalitarianism. It's like hell only worse as it actually exists.

These people know that their utopian, egalitarian, eco-erotic fantasies are so incompatible with reality that they flatly refuse to engage in any serious debates with Conservative leaning opposition.

They are fully aware that their ideology has no chance of standing up to the least bit of scrutiny, so it is reduced to silencing these voices instead. Usually this can be done by accusing Conservatives of being Nazis. Sometimes it requires something a little more nuclear, like getting the largest selling newspaper in the western world shut down.

And in the not too distant future when we're living in a society where an unreachable, unfathomable, unaccountable, unlocatable EU Government dictates to the press what it can and can't say and we have no voice whatsoever, the lefty sandal wearers won't take any responsibility for this Orwellian hellish nightmare they've created. There's always someone else to blame.

Just as there's always someone else to blame for the collapse or our education system, law and order, and everything else that made this country something to be proud of.

The Guardian and BBC have shamelessly exploited the violation of Milly Dowler and her family's privacy to further their campaign to reduce Rupert Murdoch's influence in UK media. That is as unscrupulous as the journos who messed about with her mobile phone voice mail in the first place.

Their crusade has nothing to do with protecting the privacy of the ordinary every day sandal wearer on the street, it has everything to do with a ruthless myopic obsession with preventing a Conservative voice from owning a TV news channel in this country. A TV news channel that would help keep this country on an even keel and protect the democracy that was a thousand years in the making.

All those hundreds of years spent slaughtering the French only to become France because the tiny Guardian readership will never accept the hypoxia caused by breathing such thin air from the heights of their ivory towers will not allow them to think clearly enough to see through this thinly veiled exploitation of a murdered school girl.

We're doomed. Run for your cueavs people, hide. It's every man for himself. Good luck everyone.

Lefty types high on hummus yesterday

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