6 July 2011

The real scandal is that this is a scandal

How can anyone really be genuinely shocked by this phone hacking scandal? Surely the nation cannot be so monumentally naive to think there are depths a tabloid newspaper would not sink in order to sell papers?

It is of course not news to MPs or other journalists. All of them will have been fully aware this phone hacking business had been going on.

They will have to pretend for the next few weeks that it is all news to them and they are physically fatigued by the horror of it all, but of course in reality they are all so indifferent to this that it is all they can do to remain awake when discussing it on the telly box.

Politicians are all corrupt cunts and are now in a fantastically tricky spot. Rupert Murdoch is in many ways Darth Vadar. In return for his support, politicians routinely sell their souls to him. Murdoch agrees to support their policies and hair brained schemes in return for certain expeditious processing of the expansion of his empire.

Like Darth Vadar however, he has the power to alter their deals at will. By sending out his minions - who are like those flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz - to enjoy five course lunches with MPs, he accumulates sensitive information about them all as senior members of Parliament are so intoxicated by the power they enjoy and the monies they've accumulated the have a sense of invincibility.

During their lunches with Murdoch's monkeys they spill their guts and expose themselves - sometimes literally - to what Murdoch might call leverage, but which everyone else calls blackmail.

David Cameron for example will not be able to take News International to task for fear of appearing on the various front pages of it's newspapers detailing all his murky secrets. The response then will be a call for a full independent inquiry, but not before all police investigations have concluded - which may be years - by which time no one will remember any of this and it'll be forgotten.

The lefty press have their own agenda here too. These recent developments have more surely to do with their own rebellion against Lord Vadar (split-infinitive? I'm never sure) than any issues of conscience.

The Guardian and sister paper Woman's Weekly and the BBC especially cannot stand by and let Rupert Murdoch take over the universe, it is no coincidence that it was the Guardian who broke the Milly Dowler voicemail deletion story. They will be desperate to prevent Murdoch taking over BSkyB and this may be a very good attempt at preventing it.

Meanwhile, the really important issues, the things that really matter to us all but we're too stupid to realise that they matter, go unreported as we're constantly been kettled down side streets like this phone hacking nonsense and played like fiddles by the media and MPs.

The European economy as we speak is collapsing. This will fuck us up completely and no one is talking about it. We're at war on two fronts, no one is talking about it. The phone hacking business is a vehicle used by the bandits running the country to keep their shady dealings which are bankrupting us in the dark. Where did this Milly Dowler revelation come from? These things are by design surely. They stop us talking about the really important issues. As the MPs expenses scandal did.

When we're all broke and eating each other to stay alive and the only food in the Supermarkets are dolly mixtures and things with currents in them we'll ask ourselves how no earth this happened.

Well it happened because when we should have been surrounding the Houses of Parliament and hanging criminal politicians for selling the Sovereignty of our nation and our liberty to the Gormans for their own personal gain, we were too business being outraged by the lack of scruples in tabloid journalism.

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