7 July 2011

Well played the Guardian

Now then..thanks to the sandal wearers at the Guardian and their thinly veiled crusading for the privacy and dignity of the every day sandal wearer on the street, they've managed to get the News of the World closed down. Hoorah for them.

However if I've understood correctly media lawyer Mark Stephens' analysis of the closure told to Reuters today (which you can read here) their obsession with eroding away Murdoch's media influence in the UK and maintaining the left-liberal media consensus (as explained in detail on the excellent Autonomous Mind blog here) will mean the victims of the News of the World's snooping will not receive a penny in compensation.

There are possibly hundreds of 'ordinary people' who have been violated by unscrupulous journos from the News of the World; Milly Dowler and her family, 7/7 bombing victims' families, wives of soldiers killed - probably to see if they were having affairs while their husbands were at war - and lord knows who else.

Had the News of the World remained in operation they all ought to have received some form of compensation eventually, but if the News of the World is now to be liquidated as a consequence of this phoney outrage from the left then it appears quite likely that all of their records will be destroyed. What Stephens calls "a stroke of evil genius on the part of Murdoch."

All of the paper's assets will be handed over to a liquidator who's job it is to maximise the estates assets and minimise it's liabilities. Therefore it would probably choose to destroy all records to save money on warehousing them, so then nothing could be proved by any future claims and obviously any investigation or inquiry would be pointless.

Probably a team of temps in the building shredding things as we speak. The Guardian got what they wanted however. But he who laughs last..

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