12 July 2011


Briseño, como el capitán del equipo mexicano levantó el trofeo

Instead of sleeping tonight I thought I'd feel cack instead and stay up all night watching Dexter. I'm still not sure if it's OK to find what he does immeasurably awesome. He's so good I always forget he's got ginger hair.

In other news, as of course you all know, Mexico are world champions. Proper world champions too. Not world champions in the American sense of the word where a team from New York beats a team from Boston at a game invented in New Jersey. Proper champions beating other nations including Germany at the world's game FOOTBALL.

Having given Uruguay a thrashing in los chavos world cup final on Sunday night we can only hope that Arsene Wenger was watching keenly and will drawing up contracts as we speak to bring Carlos Fierro and Captain Antonio Briseño to Arsenal.

I thought it was quite amusing seeing Mexican fans all wearing Julio Gomez head bandages in celebration of his over head injury time winner against the square heads.

Mexico will now play Uruguay again on Tuesday in the daft and pointless Copa America. Even if U r gay win it's hardly much of a revenge as Mexico aren't permitted to play their senior team. Next time around Mexico will be allowed to bring their grown ups to the tournament so why they made them play the Olympic team this around I will never understand.

Been a rubbish tournament anyway. Anything starting in Argentina is always going to be shit..their pigs ear of an invasion of the Falkland islands is evidence of that.

* * *

"Just paint whatever you feel inside you" Princess Kate takes things
too literally with her contribution to an art project in Los Angeles

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are planning on taking things easy for a while and to settle into married life after their tour of North Merca. This is obviously code for Wills be getting Kate knocked up as soon as possible.

Once the Duchess has squeezed out two heirs I confidently predict she'll be playing finger cuffs on a luxury yacht to a couple of Arabs moored in Monaco just like her dead mother-in-law.

An artist's impression of how in the Duchess of
Cambridge might look in the finger cuffs position

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