13 July 2011

Couldn't destroy a pork pie, of the day

Gordon Brown was so furious, so upset, so traumatised by the Sun revealing his son had Cystic Fibrosis that he subsequently attended Rebekah Brooks' wedding, her birthday party and hosted a sleepover for their kids at Chequers.

Furious he was. Furious. And at no point did it occur to him that as the nation hated him for being an emotionless monster, he might actually benefit from this story as he might appear more human and win some sympathy.

It would be incredibly cynical to suggest he continued to whore out his dignity to News International after the Sun's revelations about his son as he assumed he would win the paper's support at the next general election when he would be the Prime Minister and it was worth it in the long run.

An assumption that proved to be bollocks anyway as they ditched him in favour of Cameron on the day of his big conference speech. After which Brown then warned the Sun he would "destroy them." Which I assume he's attempting to do now. Only he's so incompetent in everything he does he's actually helping them recover as everyone hates him more than Murdoch.


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