3 July 2011

Haye Toe-tally outclassed hahahahahaha

Disappointing boxsmithing this evening I thought. What you appear to have with the Klitschko's is a couple of really massive dorks who are more a business model than a couple of boxers.

In many ways they're the boxing equivalent of the Williams brothers in women's tennis. They've just found a way of monopolising the division with a style of fighting that is extraordinarily hard to beat, but astonishingly boring to watch thus sucking the life out of the sport.

As daft as David Haye's pre fight antics are, at least he would have been a breath of fresh air for the division had he won.

The lesson here of course, is that if you're going to trash talk, have more than a 5% chance of actually winning the fight, broken little toe or not. Eslewise you look very very small when you get pummeled for the entire 36 minutes.

As an aside, I was sent a message by carrier pigeon this evening from my expert boxing goat in the Swiss Alps. He tells me Haye's next fight will be against heterosexual Lennox Lewis possibly held at West Ham's Boleyn Ground.

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