7 July 2011

Out of protest for this bullshit, I will be buying the NotW on Sunday

I had a cracking dream last night. I was actually playing for Mexico! Wooo. Sadly however, even in my dreams there's a sense of reality as I was only a sub. But at least I got a cap, ...I was going to say sombrero then but I refuse to perpetuate racial stereotypes.

Unfortunately I had to wake up eventually and as I feared, the nation en masse continues to express its outrage at each new drip-fed lefty revelation about the News of the World. Essentially everyone who has been in the news in some shape or form since mobile phones have been around has had their phone monitored.

This outrage angers me. It's so hypocritical, out of protest I will be buying the News of the World this weekend for the first time ever. I shake my fist at my computron screen every time a lefty brands Murdoch's media empire the mouthpiece of Satan himself. These same lefty types who kept a Government in office for 13 years who subjected the whole country to far more intrusive surveillance. Who made us suspicious of each other. Who introduced guilty until proven innocent by the back door.

It is now impossible to go anywhere or do anything in this country without someone in a bunker knowing about it. The Government knows everything we get up to and there's no way of hiding from it.

And this is just from the involuntary means of giving them information. Voluntary sources like Twitter and Facebook, broadband internet and Digitial TV fill in the gaps in information the Government can't acquire.

The Government for example, will know you're at home but not what you're watching, or might know you're on the M1 but not where you're going. Digital TV now means everything you watch is monitored, we Tweet about where we're going and why. All of these things provide the miscellaneous pieces of crap a camera won't tell 'them.'

Milly Dowler's family and the 7/7 families and the families of those killed in our various wars have every justification in feeling violated and they ought to be compensated heavily in the courts, but this is not a national issue, it effects a teeny tiny percentage of the population.

The serious intrusion comes from a far larger and far more sinister and unaccountable source. To be outraged by the News of the World is like being outraged by someone lighting a cigarette while you're house is burning down. Insensitive, but essentially of little importance.

Meanwhile Julian Assange who essentially did the same thing, is a hero because as always with the lefty types, his justification for stealing his information was for a higher truth and a noble purpose. It's always for noble purposes when it's a lefty type and unjustifiable when it's a righty. Johann Hari is evidence of that.

The only means of escaping this of course is to resign from the world and live in a nice cave. I'm so glad I did that elsewise this sort of thing would get my dander up. I'm going out now I'm not saying where though. IN YOUR FACE GOVERNMENT.

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