31 January 2012


An English squirrel outside without a proper coat and nutless, yesterday.

One of my onesies arrived. It's still unconfirmed at this early stage, but I think it's the best thing I own. I shouldn't think I'll wear anything else from now on to be fair.

Especially as winter has now arrived, which of course will mean the country will grind to a halt because of unprecedented temperatures and conditions.

This is now inexcusable. Even our wildlife go unprepared. I see pictures from eastern Europe of cities under ten feet of snow and thick ice covering cars, but the public transportation system remains in operation and the squirrels are perfectly warm and their supply of nuts plentiful.

The excuse given here is that those places are accustomed to such weather and are therefore better prepared. This is of course horse shit. Every year now in this country the temperature drops to -15 or some such silly depths. Every year we get huge lumps of snow dropping on us. It can't still be unprecedented.

If you haven't got chains for your tyres. If you don't keep emergency stuff in your car like a torch, water, blankets, travel connect 4 etc then I'm afraid you deserve to get stuck for 24 hours in your car with no one but a really loud undisciplined child for company.

And if the people from West Oxfordshire District Council read my blog...you better clear the roads between my place and the Three Pigeons at least every other Sunday else wise you'll be receiving an uncompromising email from me and you don't want that.

A steam train in Germany that works regardless
of which kind of snow falls on the line, yesterday.

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