22 January 2012

Couple of issues

"limp, raise, re-raise, call!! It makes no sense Professor Yaffle"

Firstly people, I did not win the Pigeons game and some of the hands will take between 3-6 months for me to understand. All the information has been sent to the lab boys who have begun punching in the numbers already. They say it could be September before any sort of sense is made from them!

Secondly, I take an interest in my blog stats. I like to know where my readers are from and how they found my blog. Everyone's welcome of course except anyone from Paris or Argentina (keep your mitts off our Islands you cheeky thieving bastardos) and of course except for the sick fuck from Washington State, USofA (nothing you seek on the internets is anonymous you dirty old bastard) who found my blog with a Google search "School girl rape cartoon."

Obviously you were looking for oodles of Japanese cartoons depicting the molestation and rape of children. You probably think it's OK as they're cartoons and not real people. And there's some logic in that. However, cartoons or not, you get off on the idea of small children being raped, which means you need locking up.

Incidentally, for everyone else, the reason this person found my blog with that search is because of this blog entry from April last year about how shit our infrastructure is - HERE

So anyway, if you are to visit me here at my blog, please can you not be a horrible sexual criminal.

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