24 January 2012

Harry Redknapp struggles in tax evasion court case

I'm here live at Harry's court case and not in my living room. I'm not allowed to take pictures and I forgot to bring my crayons, so bear with me. I'll think of something...

2:43pm Question: My Redknapp how many undeclared off-shore accounts did you keep during the period in question?

Answer: Er..just the one your honour, sir, M'lud, just the one.

Question: Just the one?

Answer: Er...actually come to fink of it, two actually M'lady. Yeah, two as a matter of fact sir.

Question: You had two off-shore accounts? No more?

Answer: Erm..oooh OFF-shore accounts. Oh I 'ad three of those. Yeah sorry I had three of 'em.

Question: You had in fact three off-shore accounts during this period?

Answer: Which period? Oh you mean when I wasn't paying even a single penny of tax? Ooh sorry your honour, I'm knackered, it's been a long season hahaha..no sorry. During that period I actually had four accounts which were "off-shore." Ha, I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on. Hahaha. Lovely, cheers, can I go now?

Question: Not just yet, so to clarify, there were four off-shore accounts in your name during the period in question?

Answer: In who's name? Mine? During the period when I wasn't paying tax?? No Captain, no...I had five at that time in MY name. Sorry I didn't realise you meant in my name.

Question: So that's five in your name, how many not in your name?

Answer: Ohh fuck it!

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