13 January 2012

The two bags of sand challenge

So after the success of last week, we're getting cocky this week. From a £100 stake we're going to attempt something never before attempted over a weekend in my betting career. And if we're successful, I'm going to spend these monies in a way that will get me in the papers. Or I might buy a lot of cake.

Th strategy is just to pick our bets wildly and without any research. This is not a time for thinking. Instinct and blind luck will see us through. So with this in mind, here's what we need to happen.

HT/FT doubles! Doubles you say!! Oh yes, I like these bets. Much in the same way people like Crystal Meth. One team to be winning at HT but eventually losing the game. Usually the home team is about 25/1 and the way team 33/1 with your high street bookies. So if you land a double with a £1 stake you're about £5-600 up.

Obviously these results are rare so just hitting one is a great days work, hitting two together is crazy talk. Well I'm all for crazy talk. So, the games we've picked out to land this Unicorn of double wagers are as follows; Swansea v Arsenal, Liverpool v Stoke and West Brom v Norwich.

So this is twelve £1 bets and is worth cazillions if all three of these of these games have different winners after each half. Something like £6,500. If that comes in, if you want me next week you'll find me underneath a pile of £50 notes in my living room.

Back in the real world I've placed an intriguing accumulator. We will need Villa, Fulham, N'awlins (-3.5) and the 'ammers to win to enjoy a £500 return on this wager.

Finally we have a Brentford, MK Dons and Oxford trixie.

If anything comes back from that we'll begin the challenge again on Sunday. And why not?

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