24 January 2012

Awesome loungewear

My regular readers will already be aware of my perpetual search for the ultimate in loungewear and it is this search that has motivated me this morning to fork out £140 for this awesome adults baby romper suit.

My Scandinavian readers will appreciate more than others how I can justify such an investment perhaps. Not because it's cold up there and they dress according to the conditions, but because they're mental and have the fashion sense of university students.

I hate students of course as much as the next man, but when it comes to loungewear they are streets ahead of everyone else mostly because they have no sense of shame.

The key to loungewear is comfort and if there's anything a student knows how to do it's make himself comfortable. A student will go outside wearing a bin liner full of decomposing rubbish if the alternative is to wash his even dirtier clothes.

I respect that. It's that completely uninhibited thinking that leads to adult baby clothes. I can't wait. I'm going to practice not going out so I get the full benefit from it. If this thing is as warm and comfortable as it looks I'll be wearing it outside and no mistake. I might just buy a couple more and never wear anything else ever again.

Who was it who did that? Was it Einstein? He had seven versions of the same suit so he never had to worry about what to wear? I must be as clever as him then? Smashing.

Bye for now.

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