26 January 2012

Remarkable and frightening

I just found I had an empty drawer in my kitchen! Been living here two years and I've only just noticed I had an entire drawer lying empty. It's these sorts of things that make life worth living.

I always just assumed it was one of those weird fake drawers you sometimes get in kitchens, but no. It was the real McCoy. I can't wait to start putting stuff in it. I've never felt so alive.

I wonder what compelled me to try and open it? There's a lesson in this for everyone. Nothing is ever as it seems. What you thought was decoration may be a genuine storage space, or metaphorically - trust no one!

It's every man for himself. Good luck everyone.

My cupboard doors as they were earlier this evening.

The doors in their opened aspect with what I
assumed to be a fake drawer in it's closed aspect.

Oh my God!! The "fake" drawer is revealed to be real after all as
something within me compels me to try and open it.

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