25 January 2012

Kirsty Young

Kirsty Young I'm just now reading has caused a stir by saying she doesn't want her children to be happy, rather that they were content and had self-worth. What I find depressing about these comments is not her opinions on how to raise her own progeny..it's that they have caused a stir.

She's just someone off the telly. Who gives a fuck how she chooses to raise her children? If you don't agree with her don't raise your own kids that way. She's a presenter not a childsmith or a psychologist, she's just someone trying to figure out how best to be a mother.

If she'd have suggested England not play 4-4-2 against South American teams most people would have dismissed her ideas as ignorant womanese bollocks. So why give her child raising strategies so much respect?

We place too much value on what celebrities and theologians say in our society. Just as a couple of bishops in the House of Lords shouldn't be able to scupper plans to cap benefit payments to the proles at "only" £26,000 a year, a celebrity radio presenter shouldn't be listened to anymore than any other mother when it comes to raising nippers.

Kirsty Young of course is delicious. We here at the blog would love to spend an evening eating trifle from between her still remarkably pert breasts, but we're not really interesting in her opinions about anything to be fair. We like her voice however so we're happy to sit and listen to her talk, but I shouldn't think we'd ever actually absorb or remember anything she'd say and you shouldn't either.

Even if you did, let's just examine briefly what she said. She wants her children to be content and have self-worth rather than just be "happy". There's nothing really wrong with that. Happiness is a transient emotion, it's temporary. It's an emotion provoked by an experience, for example, eating trifle from between some tits.

Contentment and self-worth are longer term states of mind. To experience happiness regularly is to be content. To have self-worth is remarkably rare and very valuable in our society as we're such shallow creatures now.

Most people appear to have incredibly low self-esteem. I blame the socialist Governments for that. They have told us we need to depend on them and have crushed our spirits. I also blame telly and America.

I don't think she was saying she wants her children to be miserable. I think she was just saying there are deeper more valuable rewards in life than simple happiness. Happiness is a superficial state of mind and you can experience it and still have a shit life and no self respect.

In order to feel content and have self-worth however you must by definition have an abundant rich life full of trifle, onesies and nice boobs and who wouldn't want that that's what I always say.

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