3 February 2012

The German Masters

An artist's impression of the German snooker masters, yesterday

I get very nervous when I see the words German and Masters in the same sentence. So when I saw that German Masters were being broadcast yesterday I was relieved to find it was on Eurosport not Sky News or something. However, I know on this occasion it's only snooker, but I'm worried it might give them ideas. You know deep down they're itching to try again.

As I know nothing about snooker I have not wagered any monies on this tournament. I will however will be attempting the bag of sand challenge again tomorrow. I have to say that having consulted the Premier League Gods on numerous occasions this week, I received very little information. Just grunts and mumbles. At one point I thought I must surely have consulted the Gods of Nookie instead by accident.

However, in hindsight I think I was being told that nothing spectacular is going to occur this weekend. Generally I think we can just bet the home teams or the heavy favourites. I fancy I'll place one of those enormous Goliath wagers and ultimately enjoy a return so vast that we could stitch together a Onsie made of £50 notes.

**Changed my mind..I'm backing mostly away teams. And why not?

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