10 June 2011


Communists are just brilliant fun. I mean, obviously given enough time they'll kill us all off either through starvation or by sending us completely loopy via horrifically stifling totalitarian control, but apart from that they're brilliant.

I just love how conspiratorial they are. How do they get like that? And then deny it too. A five year boy will eat a plate of recently baked chocolate biscuits, have chocolate all over his face and be throwing up recently eaten chocolate biscuits and still able to claim that it wasn't him that ate them but grown men ought not to be capable of this.

It's only communists that can do this. And since I've resigned from the world and accepted that I have no control over anything and it's every man for himself, I've learnt to embrace the communist. I've learnt to marvel at their ability to write down in their own handwriting how they think someone should be snubbed out and then be filmed secretly explaining to someone exactly how and then once rumbled be able to flat out deny they wrote or said anything.

I can see now how people can be around Ed Balls and not feel either violently ill or overwhelmed by the urge to drive a pencil into his throat hundreds of times while laughing manically and then masturbate while sat in a pool of his blood.

He's brilliant the way he can simply deny absolutely everything without even flinching and he a man who has suffered from that weird blinky affliction from childhood. Simply awesome stuff.

As for Gordon Brown, the depths at which one would have to sink into the dark abyss of his mind to find anything that even resembled a human emotion is knee trembling and matter crushing.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but if you would dare look into Gordon Brown's eyes, or just his one good eye, there is a profound lack of soul, a black nothingness, Paradise Lost made manifest, the death of humanity. Bone chilling, awesome evil. Enough literally to take ones breath away.

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