9 June 2011

What's it got to do with you?

Here's what you do if you're the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury has just told you how to do your job. You obviously quote Leuitenant Chard of Rorkes Drift fame (even though that never really happened in my opinion) addressing the mad Swedish missionary who's just told him he's going to get everyone killed, "When I have the impertinence to climb into your pulpit to deliver a sermon, then you may tell me my duty."

Or in plainer English, sod off you mad old duffer.

Not that I have any respect or confidence in David Cameron. No, it's clear we're doomed as he no idea what he's playing at and consequently I'm as keen as anyone to see him tied up with piano wire and machine gunned, it's just that, while everyone is of course entitled to criticise Government policy there is no reason why high ranking members of clergy should be given the PM ears anymore than anyone else or their opinions respected anymore than my postman's.

What does Rown Williams know about education or health or anything else other than the super-natural? He's a theologian. He's no more qualified to tell Cameron how to manage the NHS than I am. In fact I'm probably more qualified than Williams, yet Cameron not only has never answered any of my letters, his legal people have told me I'll be in big trouble if I send him one more horses head!

Listen church people; the only subject you're an authority on is the one you just made up. Anyone can be a Theologian cause anyone can make up a religion. I could be a theologian by this time next week but I'd rather spend my time eating sausage rolls. In fact I could make eating pastry goods a religion, ...Praise be to the Gods of puff pastry.

And yay, he doth prefereth to cook his sausageth rollths in ye microwave as opposed to yon cooker as it's quicker and he doth prefer the softer pastry. And now then, here's how you sort out the NHS, the education system and our armed forces...

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