23 June 2011

In the black

The strategy for what to do with the monies from selling the 85% share the tax payer has in RBS and the 45% share in Lloyds is clear. The Chancellor simply needs to head to Vegas seek out a roulette wheel where the previous ten spins have been red and bet the entire £100billion on black.

You've doubled your money straight away then haven't you. And there are enough roulette wheels in Vegas to keep doubling up until he's cleared the £1 trillion National debt. Obviously he will need some cunning disguises so the bosses of the Casinos don't clock what's going on. Maybe a comedy tash or massive Sombrero.

Having cleared the nation's debts and maybe saved some you know for when this all happens again next year, he should then distribute the remaining profits to all white middle class people and not Muslims or homosexuals or Greeks thereby securing the next election victory.

Politics = piece of piss.

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