10 June 2011

Iran reads my blog!

I was just now having a look at my blog stats for the week and saw I a shaded area I did not expect at all. Iran! Who's reading my blog in Iran this week. A total of 1.3% of my blog hits this week were from Tehran.

Obviously I panicked. What have I said about the Iranians this week? Eeek, will I get a fatwa in the post? I'm not signing for any recorded delivery items in the next week or so I can tell you that for nothing. Even if I have to reject a box set of awesome Star Trek TNG DVDs and some specialist items.

Well anyway...hello Iran. I assume it's Ahmadinejad that's reading me as no on else would be allowed. Forgive me for when I suggested you were a closet homosexual, but I was angry at you for arresting those Marines and making our Navy look silly...and to be fair, you do show all the signs; over compensating via oppression of women, awful beard, quite a snappy dresser and so on. Friends?

P.S. Russia I know you read my blog too, so it's no use hiding by getting your computron boffins to cover up the greeny shading on the map.

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