14 June 2011

I'm not having it!

Cameron and Clegg being made to look like twats by, I suspect,
a proper Conservative getting his own back.

We here at the blog do enjoy any moments of discomfort for David Cameron. In truth we only really get out of bed of an afternoon in the hope that he has contrived to impale himself on a rusty spike with no one at hand to offer assistance.

Today's example is less excruciating than the holy grail of his bleeding to death, but fun nonetheless. And curious too as there is in fact no evidence to support the claim that sleeves encourage the spread of bacteria. Thus, me thinks this Consultant is merely using his position to make Cameron and Clegg look like cunts. Fantastic stuff. Well played sir.

Doctor's stopped wearing white coats because of the risk of infection from filthy sleeving, but according to my research it's all bollocks. More patients have come to harm as a consequence of random punters in shirt and tie - sans white coat - draping a stethoscope around their necks and pretending to be a doctor and dishing out medicinal beatings behind curtains to unsuspecting patients, than have ever suffered from infections from dirty sleeves. Still, you've got to laugh.

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