4 April 2012

Tweeters in glass houses shouldn't throw Bricks

Processor wrong way round showing clearly this whole thing
is a load of old bullshit designed to make money from twats on Twitter

Twitter has yet again failed to understand how the Daily Mail works despite several subtle clues left by the newspaper in the photographs accompanying an article which only the most self righteous sandal wearing hummus eating Daily Mail loathers could possibly take seriously.

The Daily Mail run one particular story on their website. Just one. One that will irritate the hell out of people who use Twitter. People who patrol the site looking for something to be progressive and liberal about who will then launch Twitter and fire off a smug tweet along with the URL for the article and a demand to "RT" the tweet to all of their followers who then go and read the article, who then RT it to their followers and so on.

Samantha Brick's article yesterday about how her life is hell because she is so pretty was a gem. Whoever this woman is, she is borderline average for her age in the looks department. I would say a six pinter if she doesn't wear those silly Daily Mail frocks in real life and if she isn't reeking of garlic because of that comedy Frenchman.

She has the perfect appearance for this kind of article. Just about good looking enough for the reader to think she may be serious so she draws spiteful comments of being delusional rather than being so ugly people just laugh at her.

So of course millions of people flock to the article to ridicule her. She made £30,000 for the Daily Mail after the first article. And £40,000 today after writing another article claiming yesterday's abuse proves her point. Which was then branded so ironic by Twitterers, who still couldn't see the real irony, it could interfere with the space time continuum.

I imagine her real name is probably Helen and she works for the Daily Mail in accounts or something and has volunteered for this as she need a bit of extra cash and she knows no one will recognise her in a week or so precisely because her looks are so average.

Now that, Twitter, is irony.

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