8 April 2012

Tradesmen law unto themselves even 2,000 years ago

A brothel owner from Magdala, Israel called for the regulation of tradesmen nearly 2,000 years ago after her carpenter disappeared for three days without any rational explanation, according to recently discovered scrolls.

Mary Magdalene, 34 was having some work done on a back bedroom when her carpenter suddenly left for lunch on Friday and didn't return until late Sunday afternoon.

"I couldn't get hold of him at all. I left a dozen messages for him. This is one of my busiest months," explained the woman in her letter to her local senator. "To be fair he did do a cracking job and kept to his estimate, but it was a miracle he finished the work so quickly."

She completed her letter with a P.S..."Oh it's only two days isn't it, But still, so infuriating."

Two thousand years later and it's something we're all still dealing with. Fucking lazy bastards. They need crucifying, the lot of them.

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