21 April 2012

Big game

If you happen to be a Gooner as I am you'll agree that today's confrontation with Chelsea is by anyone's definition, a big game.  It's only just dawning on me just how big.  If the Arse lose, it's quite likely that they will not qualify for the Champions League next season.  This would be a disaster.

The conditions are about as favourable for Arsenal as the football God's are likely to offer.  Arsenal are the home team.  We are the fillings of Chelsea's Champions League semi-final sammich against Barcelona - a game Chelsea are winning - and Didier Drogba, who always scores against Arsenal, is not playing because his trunks are still wet.  

Arsenal are almost home and dry if they win this game.  If they lose the consequences don't bear thinking about.  Playing Europa League matches on Thursday nights in countries where David Hasselhoff is number one and everyone eats cabbage for breakfast.  And spending season after season in the Premier League trying to desperate to qualify for it.  If this goes wrong today Arsenal could be looking at the next ten years in the wilderness or being like Totterington.   

You know how when you got scared as a kid you'd put on the radio or listened to some happy music or talked about something fun. Let's do that shall we?  

Let's discuss today's wagers.  Oh good, something cheerful.  Actually I'm enjoying a reasonably successful week so I have full confidence is today's investments.

I've placed a cheeky double that will require Newcastle to win and Fulham and Wigan to both score in their game.  I also need a snooker player to win.  I forget his first name but his last name is Bingham and he's playing Stephen Hendry.

I heard tell on the Blonde message boards that the acne plagued sweaty has been playing in China all week and must therefore be fatigued.  And by taking monies from the exhibition games he is essentially compensating himself as he expects to get knocked out this weekend in Sheffield.  I don't follow snooker, I haven't followed it since Steve Davis was good, but clearly this is a fantastic wager.

I loved Steve Davis back in the day and see Hendry as responsible for knocking him off his pedestal.  So I've always disliked Stephen Hendry - not as much, of course, as Dennis Taylor who I could happily push in front of a bus - but quite passionately nonetheless.  Anyone contributing towards the destruction of Stephen Hendry is welcome to carry my money.  And this included Floyd Mayweather.

Good luck with all my bets.

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