25 April 2012

The tesserae of my weekly wagering mosaic

"Miraculous recovery Fabrice, but sadly Bolton have let you go and 
Arsenal don't want anything to do with you.  How do you feel about that?"

Chelsea qualifying for the final of the Champions League was a rather nasty bit of telly all things considered.  However, no one wants to see Chelsea celebrating and Jeff Shreeves swiftly arrived on the scene to piss on their bonfire by informing Bratislav Ivanovic live on air that his booking during the match means he misses the final.

I haven't seen an TV interviewer ruin a sportsman's finest moment since Claire Balding humiliated jockey Liam Treadwell who had just won the Grand National, by advising him to spend his winners pay check on getting some nicer teeth.  

I still don't think Chelsea will win the Champions League, but if they did it would be bad for those team chasing third and fourth place in the Premier League.  Chelsea as holders would take up one of England's four spots so whoever ultimately does finish fourth, assuming it isn't Chelsea, would go into the Europa League instead.  The horror!

Wagering wise, I am invested in Bayern Munchoon to qualify tonight for the final at 7/2.  I've backed 0-0 and 1-1 final result, although I don't remember doing that.  I am also on Bayern to win the whole thing at 9/2.  

Elsewhere this weekend I am on QPR to beat Chelsea this weekend just incase Chelsea are now done with the Premier League and putting all their eggs in their CL basket.  I've had a cheeky £20 investment in Villa to be relegated.  They look bloody awful and McLeish deserves it.  There's still time people.  Still time.

I've backed Dani Pedrosa to win the Spanish MotoGP this weekend and Neil Robertson to win the Snooker.  Finally I have an outstanding wager of £20 @ 14/1 for Jose Mourinho to become the next England manager.

Good luck with all my bets.

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