24 April 2012

Football through the looking glass

Well now, as it turned out, last weekend's Arsenal/Chelsea game was a rather damp squib.  Clearly both teams had got together before the kick-off and agreed to an outcome that would be mutually beneficial.

That's the Italian way.  Sort the result out before the kick-off and then you're free to just fling yourself about during the game with all manner of silly theatrics and nonsense.  I like it.

It would leave one of our players out for the season, but as there's only three games left now, and Theo Walcott kind of irritates me, that's not too bad.

Moving on to the Champions League, something I can't see Totterington Hotspurs doing,  I fancy Barcelona and the Squareheads to qualify.  For some reason I just can't see Barcelona and Real Madrid lining up in the centre of the Allianz Arena to play out the final.

I can't see how Chelsea can possibly win their semi-final so this only leaves us with the Hun getting past Madrid.  And there's some history to support this outcome which I fancy is relevant.

Also, I have backed Jerry at 9/2 to win the whole thing, so this may all just be confirmation bias on my part, but we will see.  It's been a funny old season and the things that should be happening haven't been happening.  If Everton for example, aren't losing at Old Trafford then something in the heavens are wrong.

We must make the most of this.  Good luck with all your bets.

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