30 April 2012

It's up for grabs noooooooow..

On Friday I was convinced it was Sunday. Today I'm convinced it's Sunday again! What's so big about Sunday? Why do the Gods want me to think it's Sunday?  Sunday was no big deal.  Totterington managed to win and the rains came.

I think perhaps it's all the guff about this Manchester derby this evening that has made me think it's Sunday.  It's not like this is really even a proper title decider.  Not in the same sense of the word as Arsenal's last game of the season against Liverpool in 1989.

There's a generation of whipper snappers out there who won't know what I'm talking about, which is outrageous.  They should teach this game in history classes.  This is a moment in football history that still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I think about it.  

Lord knows what noise Gary Neville would have made had he be commentating on the game when Michael Thomas slipped the ball past Bruce Grobelaar.  The last kick, of the last game of the last season of an era.  

Surely the most incredible ending to a game of football ever.  Certainly league football anyway.  Man United's win against Bayern on the Champions league was crazy, but that was a one off match..things like that happen all the time.

This was the culmination of an entire season.  The season of Hillsbrough too, which would see football changed forever.  Arsenal needed to win by two clear goals.  No team had beaten Liverpool by two goals at Anfield for three years and Arsenal hadn't won there in fifteen years.

Man City will win tonight and we'll have two more weeks of the season.  The FA Cup is still to come and the Champions League final.  By the time this season is over no one will remember this game.  People will be talking about Michael Thomas's goal for ever and ever.


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