13 April 2012

Throw some shrimps on the barbie

How come right, how come,.. when an American is introduced to someone from Australia (or England who they confuse as someone being from Australia) ..they always respond by adopting their interpretation of an Australian accent. Usually they'll something like, "G'day mate, let's put some shrimps on the barbie."

We do it to Australians too but only because we know they fucking hate it.
But with Americans it's as if they think they're engaging with the person in their mother tongue like speaking French to a Frenchman.
My research shows it's only Australians who are subjected to this moronic and monumentally clueless display of borderline racist ignorance. Chinese people for example aren't greeted with similar invites to share some of their native cuisine. "Haaaarooow, you wanna eat some flide lice? You wanna eat some chow mein gwasshoppa?"

I think this might be down to the success of the Crocodile Dundee films. America's view of the world of course is seen through Hollywood's interpretation of the world as no one as actually traveled anywhere so I think perhaps Americans all assume Australians are all broadly similar to Mick Dundee and Donk and live in dusty roasting hot mining towns called Walkaboutcreek or it's Aboringal name, "Ullerhooleroollagong".

Which actually is true. Forget everything I just said. Punch me in the stomach instead and then we'll throw a few snags on the barbie. Hoo roo.

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