12 April 2012

Calm down

Heysel, where Liverpool fans weren't to blame again apparently

Liverpool's refusal to play football on April the 15th as it's the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster sets a weird old precedent and lacks rational justification.

If they can play a game of football the very same night of a disaster their fans caused, as they did on May 29th, 1985 at the Heysel Stadium in Belgium where 39 Juve fans were killed by stampeding scousers, then they can play a game 22 years after another disaster they contributed to.

Fact is they probably had to play that night in Belgium or Juve would have been awarded the trophy by default. I wonder would Liverpool still refuse to play in the FA Cup this weekend if it meant they had to forfeit their place in that competition if they were a no show?

Tragedies happen. Everyone has lost a family member or a loved one. But society would shut down if we marked every tragedy by staying in all day on all the subsequent anniversaries.

Have some applause, have a presentation, have a sing-song. But play the game. I'm pretty sure the 96 fans wouldn't want Liverpool to postpone the game. It seems like actually playing the game would be the best way to honour their memories especially as it's against Everton. They can all have a good cry together before kicking lumps out of each other. Then settle down and watch the game.

A couple of knife stabbing little fucking hooligans academics, yesterday

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