28 April 2012


The Daily Mail explains all you need to 
know about the modern British Bobby

Is this really a policeman or is he a soldier?  Very sinister if this is a policeman.  He does have the word POLICE written on his chest, but why the balaclava?  And if he's SAS should he not have the intellectual capacity to cover up his tattoos? And maybe not walk in such a gay manner?

This is bad news if this is a policeman.  You'd never approach this guy if you needed assistance would you?  Excuse me constable, can you tell me what the time is please?  This dude is not employed to assist the public.  If you tried to talk to someone kitted out like this you'd be talking your life in your hands.

People like this bloke don't take out a note book and ask you what happened.  They come crashing through your living room window and some time later you wake up in a bunker somewhere in South London.

Sir Robert Peel fought very hard to keep the Police from becoming what they are fast becoming as he saw Militias and Gendarmeries as soldiers of corrupt States.  And that is essentially what we have now.  

You'd think having the police armed in this way there would be no crime.  But it's hard to go out to the shops for a sammich these days without being stabbed by a five year old.  Crime is usually out of control in totalitarian countries.

We're living in one of Stanley Kubrick's films and Police forces protecting the state now not the people is a clear indiction of it.  

Ostensibly because of staffing levels, if you've ever been mugged or burgled you may see a policeman sometime that night, but they will only advise you to get better locks and call your insurance company.  

In reality police numbers have never been higher, they're just not used on the streets any more.  They're not accessible to us.  If the Prime Minister however is in town to open a school or academy for academically gifted homosexual Muslims then these guys are deployed on every roof top over looking the school at a cost of £50,000 each.

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