15 February 2012

Blood in your poo

Have you seen these NHS bowel cancer awareness announcements? Why did they select "poo" as their term for our...our poo? That's not the medical term now is it? Have the BMA dumbed down their language to attract thicker students to the extent that faeces are called poo now? They call them stools at my CF clinic.

I can't take it seriously. I couldn't not laugh if my GP used the word poo either. It's wrong. Poo is one of the funniest words in the English language. Always will be. Is the penis now going to be the "willy"?

Is the vagina going to be referred to as the "fanny"? Do you experience itching sensations in your fanny? Is caked in something akin to cottage cheese? Go and see your GP then you dirty bird.

I fancy the average male with bloody poo will not be encouraged to see his GP as a consequence of these announcements.

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