5 February 2012

Mug Punting

As it turned out I didn't have a good day yesterday. My bag of sand challenge was essentially over by half-time. Stupid sand. I might as well have another bash at it today however. It's the Superbowl and there's a cornucopia of opportunities to lose money.

I fancy the New York Giants. POssibly because when it comes to the New York v New England area rivalry I am firmly entrenched in the New York camp. The way they talk in New England especially Boston is just ridiculous and there are far too many fake Irish people up there. I mean I know New York has a load of them too, but not nearly as many.

I think instead of hiring a Ferrari for the weekend with my money I fancy I'm going to commission Joe Hill the anamorphic pavement artist to paint one of the walls of my living room. I quite like the idea of having a panoramic view of Vegas on my wall so it looks like I'm in a hotel room. Either Vegas or the shower room of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. I've not decided yet. I think it'll be pricey but now I've got a Onesie I don't really need anything else so why not? That's what I always say.

Joe Hill, yesterday

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