11 February 2012

Saturday wagering

Liverpool introduce new kit mid-season. Angry parents on Merseyside
claim a full set of robes will cost almost two thirds of a week's benefits.

Feel a bit fucked off today really so I'm hoping Manchester United and Liverpool's game at lunch time is really really violent. I want it to include a variety of unsavoury moments and at least three players who need oxygen and morphine administered on the pitch.

If my sources are correct Liverpool are planning on sporting a one off kit for the occasion to 'get under Patrice Evra's skin' or words to that effect. I think i'll have a few shillings on a red card being shown in the second half and over 11 corners.

*Other wagers today will involve a few quid on Newcastle at 6s to beat Tottenham. I can't have Newcastle 5th in the table being a 6/1 shot against a Tottenham team about to lose their manager and with a lengthy injury list. And obviously the standing reason to bet against Tottenham; them being all horrible cunts.

Good luck with all your bets.

Update*: cunts.

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