27 February 2012

Arsenal 5 Totterington 2

Now that's more like it. You didn't have to be an Arsenal supporter to feel that life affirming warmth on Sunday watching a tax dodger's collection of overrated monkeys from the colonies and sexually indiscriminate parvenu's from all over the place receive an absolute pasting from a fine upstanding band of heterosexual family men.

Of course from an Arsenal perspective this result will mean nothing if the chaps return from the northern hellish lawless badlands of Merseyside next weekend without any points or hubcaps, but we can still allow ourselves at least for a day to drink in the misery of that infestation crawling around our stadium from N17 yesterday.

From these Star of David waving, circumcised cocked, Kosher food eating verminous celebrations..

28min: Arsenal 0-2 Tottenham

To this; who amongst us can't be both appalled and elated in equal measure by this ménage à trios of abject incestuous misery?

FT: Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham

Obviously there will never be a time when Arsenal's whole season is considered a success just because we have beaten Totterington. Those is the low standards of our entirely uncivilised neighbours from N17. Arsenal of course set a different standard. We do not launch celebratory DVDs for a single matches or consider one season from sixteen as proof that a shift in power has occurred.

However, we must be cautious. However absurd the notion, we must never entirely dismiss the possibility that Tottenham might finish above Arsenal this season. As they are only seven points ahead at the moment, that seems almost impossible, but we must still never take anything for granted.

Enjoy yesterday of course. But once this typically pointless international round of friendlies is over we must concentrate fully on putting Totterington exactly where they deserve to be. Sort of 12th.

Good man, get it out of your system for tomorrow we go to work

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