8 February 2012


Just for the record for anyone who thinks Capello was a failure; England historically win about two thirds of their matches. Say 66%. Capello won 67% of his. So he did what he should have been capable of doing according to England's over-all record.

The next guy will do the same. Whether it's Harry Redknapp or Jose Mourinho (who I'm backing at 14s to be the next guy in) or Guus Hiddink or whoever.

England don't have the goods to be champions of Europe or the World Cup unless they get very very lucky. To win they would have to beat too many better countries in successive games and with England's mentality which is always to find a way to lose, this is simply not possible.

If England want to have a successful European Championships or World Cup it's easy, all they have to do is redefine what actually is a successful tournament. Simply don't go into the stupid things expecting to slaughter everyone. Just be happy to have qualified. Let that be the success and think of anything after it as a bonus. Be happy to be there, just like countries such as Belgium and Portugal and Sweden.

Whether England want to believe it or not, that is their level. It's that or be pissed off and inconsolable looking like a cunt in the street with your silly St George's flag hat on pissed as a fart in a ditch and crying cause Germany have won again. I'm afraid I speak the truth England fans.

So there.

Just happy to be here.


Dave said...

Don't normally comment on these blog sorts but it has reached my US of States based ears that Fab has jumped ship. What I have found interesting though is that Alan Pardew has deemed it necessary to rule himself of the England job. Now I'll concede that the FA have a track record of appointing hopeless managers like Steve McClaren but Alan Pardew? It does beg the question of whether Big Al will be ruling himself out of other jobs he won't get. Prime Minister for example. CEO of Microsoft? My milkman.

(Hello rich how are you mate - it's Paul's mate Dave)

Rich said...

How's it Going out there? You're in NY is that right? I lived there myself a while ago, best city in the world.

Pardew has delusions of grandeur. He obviously just wanted to make sure he was involved in the conversation of next England manager, but knew no one was going to ask him about it so took it upon himself to rule himself out.

Total cunt, hate him so much.