24 February 2012

You dirty northern bastards

North London derby this weekend. Not happy about this at all. Can't cope with the stress.

Whatever happened to the days when Tottenham at home was a guaranteed three points?

Whatever happened to the days when they were lucky if they finished in the top half of the table and Arsenal were unlucky if they weren't Champions?

I really like those days. A simpler time. A better time. Not like now though. Now everything's changed. Tottenham are better than us, women are playing rugby, everyone's eating French apples.

Can we not just for this weekend restore some normality to our lives and have the Arsenal give this stinking bunch of de-evolving scumbags and absolute pasting on Sunday?

Is that too much to ask? I'm not asking to win the fucking lottery am I? We're not that bad yet. Just a decent 3-0 thrashing. And maybe 2-3,000 of their fans losing their lives on the way home some how.

From a betting point of view I'm not going anywhere near this game. I should think the next game I will invest proper monies in will be England's friendly with Holland. Managed by Stuart Pearce I can't see how England don't lose by at least two goals.

He is quite simply the most emotionally disturbed individual currently involved in the professional game. He is absolutely mental. No control over his emotions whatsoever. You can't have someone like that coaching professional multimillionaire Prima donna footballers.

You can't have someone who actually thinks of football as real war screaming at 20 year olds who think of football as something they do for 90 minutes at the weekend which inexplicably they get paid millions for.

Stuart Pearce is a nutter who actually cries if he loses. That is someone with no perspective on life and is therefore not qualified to do anything except be a security guard for a big company where he can pretend he's in charge of the whole place and have lots of keys dangling from his belt.

England couldn't beat Holland even with good players and a proper sane manager, but with the team they will put out and Stuart Pearce threatening to kill them all at half-time I'm lumping on Holland and no mistake.

I know I was this enthusiastic about Spain beating England, but Spain would/should have won that game and they would have won too if Pearce was in charge. He's only got a job with the other teams because no one's courageous enough to say no to him.

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