5 March 2012

Stuff of the week

Well if you must know what I've been doing recently I'll tell you. It's been mostly a time of watching the first season of Baywatch and all the things that that entails. I have begun researching the Cheltenham festival. And finally I've really enjoyed the beginning of Totterington's annual free fall from a promising league position offering dreams of Champions league football and domination of North London for decades to comes, to a final finishing position of about 6th offering trips to Poland and Turkey on a Thursday evening.

As far as the old gambling goes it's been rather an indifferent period. I was able to figure out that Costa Rica would beat Wales. However I forgot that that meant nothing unless I actually had some monies invested in the 5/1 shot.

I was unable to win the Pigeon's game yesterday as I thought it was Saturday and therefore didn't play. However I will be able to win millions on this week's European fixtures. Or as Roy Hodgson calls them, "Ooorwoopean Games."

Arsenal of course will not qualify but they will win the game. Chelsea will be lucky to get through the 90 minutes without Roman Abramovich tying the manager up with piano wire and demanding answers as to why Napoli are 6-1 up on aggregate...and in fact Manchester City will lose to Sporting Lisbon of all teams. Crazy!

At this time I must eat a sammich. Good luck with all your bets.

Hoo roo.

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