9 November 2011

Shut up FA

England's FA, I know you read my blog so will you please shut the fuck up about this poppy wearing business. Jeeeezoooos Christ if it means that much to you just wear the damn things against Spain anyway and pay the fine or just cancel the game altogether.

Why are they making such a fuss about this? It's just a symbol..it's not essential these things are worn. There are other ways of remembering and recognising and honouring the dead. It's a fair enough rule. If the England team get to wear poppies then other nations will have to be allowed to honour their war dear in a similar fashion too.

What if some other country wants to drench their team in the blood of their fallen comrades or wear ceremonial swords or something the Japs for example might want to do? Where would it all end?

If it sounds like I'm not taking this too seriously it's because I'm not. How hysterical people get about poppy wearing is just pathetic, depressing navel-gazing. We're at a point now where people wear these poppies not to honour the dead from the World Wars, but just so they can be seen to be honouring the dead. It is epiphenominal (never thought I'd get to use that word) of the syrupy shows of public emotion that have become acceptable.

I think we're at a stage now wear the British Legion might have to end the Poppy wearing tradition as it has completely lost it's gravitas. Wearing a poppy has become an entity in itself rather than a symbol of something.

There should be no obligation to wear one. The people who fought in those wars did so to protect our right to choose. And if people choose not to wear a poppy and pay their respects in other ways then fine. It's also fine if they choose not to pay their respects. The lack of respect comes in not knowing you ought to do one thing or another.

This is a completely empty gesture. The England team won't have any idea what the fuss is about anyway. John Terry for example, will just be keen to get the game over with so he can go out and urinate in someone's drink. And Sepp Blatter is just a senile old duffer who hasn't got even the slightest clue about reality.

If the FA feels so strongly about this, why not leave a poppy on every seat? Too much hassle is why, which means they don't really care about this at all, they just want to be seen to be caring. And cancelling the game would be too expensive.

Like people who travel for miles to leave flowers at the location a small child from Doncaster or some other place was murdered, or furious cro-magnon men chasing after police vans carry convicted paedophiles, these people don't believe they have to actually care about those who have suffered, so long as we think they do.

It's all very odd. I actually blame Gazza.

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