14 November 2011

Bah humbug

My version is a real tear jerker.

This advert, or the original version anyway, is wrong in every way. It's wrong to have Christmas adverts the first week of November of course, but that's been happening now for decades. But it takes wrong to a new level of wrongness for a Christmas advert for a department store to use a song by the Smiths.

A band who are supposed to hate all that Capitalism stuff, but more than that, a band who have been playing on the record player in the room of more teenage suicides than any other band I would think. The song covered in the advert is really about the very opposite of being given a shiny thing as a present for Christmas.

This reminds me in terms of wrongness of the BBC getting the whole country to sing heroin addict Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" at the same time - a song about a man who spends the day shooting up - because they thought it was a feel good song. It would have been cheaper for them and more effective for us had they just given us all heroin.

And finally it's so sooo wrong for women with teeny tiny pea sized brains with emotions as fragile as bone china, following the collapse of their marriages and descent into compulsive chocolate eating, to get all teary eyed over it and point to this advert as the true meaning of Christmas without even a trace of irony.

It makes me hate Christmas just that bit more than last year and resent having just bought an office chair from John Lewis.

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