2 November 2011

The Canterbury tales

I've just now had a small wager on the final table of the WSOP main event this weekend. It is of course time an English man was successful in this post-Moneymaker era main event and I have therefore invested some of the Queens sovereigns at 12/1 on young Kent native Sam Holden.

I believe young Eoghan O'Dea is chip leader and favourite and in truth we here on the blog don't mind if he wins. We would in fact feel sorry for him in fact if he were to succeed as his $8m prize money will be worth approximately €8 by the time the exchange rate is finished with it thanks to the Germans and Greeks.

What we really would like to avoid is of course a native of the US of States colony to win. Especially I'm afraid to say, young Phil Collins. He appears to be a nice enough chap in himself, but if his cheering section insist again in singing those lines from "In the air tonight" every time he drags in a pot I shall probably wish him to bust out first in a horribly unfortunate circumstance.

"To be sure to be sure are you just after raising me
bloinds loike are ya sir": Eoghan O'Dea yesterday.

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