12 November 2011

England v Spain

"I know only one thing about Bull-Fighting; do not bet on the bull."

This is a funny old business. England playing Spain at Wembley and Spain only being a touch below even money? I know it's a friendly and of course betting on friendlies is only slightly less an efficient way of burning money than actually setting fire to it, but despite that, it is still England we're talking about here, who are bad, playing at Wembley, which makes them worse, playing Spain, who are good, playing at Wembley, which makes them better.

I can only assume this price is down to the standard English brainless patriot who wears his heart on his sleeve along with some food stains, and has a bet when England play "big" teams, because that's what real fans do, especially at this time of year when we respect the memories of our warriors. And other infantile guff.

Being Mexican when it comes to international football, I didn't get the memo about how a 'flying in the face of facts' bet on the football makes you a real fan, but considering how many England fans do this, there must have been one.

I like the Spain -1 on the handicaps. I don't see how Spain don't score at least three goals in this game. Unless it absolutely pisses down or England are allowed to use weapons, a two goal winning margin for Spain seems the least we can expect. This will be more like a bull fight than a football match. Spain will tease England like eleven matadors and I know only one thing about bull-fighting; don't bet on the bull.

This for me is one of those games where people try and search for a bet that isn't there. There is no value in betting on the home team. England are bloody awful, their manager can't speak a word of the language, everyone hates each other, no one likes international football anyway, and this isn't even a proper international, it's also Saturday and the players will be more focused on which nightclubs they'll be borderline gang raping someone tonight.

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